Wonder And Fury EP

by Wonder And Fury

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Wonder and Fury is:
Jay Yachetta - Drums
Brendan McGeehan - Bass
Steven Rosplock - Everything Else


released November 15, 2013

All Songs Recorded and Mixed by Steven Rosplock
Artwork by Emma Claffy
Mastering and Additional Mixing at Forge Recording Studio
Mastered by Brendan McGeehan
Copyright 2013 Wonder and Fury




Wonder And Fury Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wonder And Fury is a rock band from Philadelphia PA.

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Track Name: Somethings Never Change
You had a way
Of getting underneath my skin
Despite the shape you found me in
And then
On my good days
No one sticks the knife like you
Pulls the pin and turns the screws

But I'm no saint I've done my share
We should be a perfect pair
But you look out for number one
That's who's side you're on

I don't know what to do
I can't get through to you
All I want is the truth
I don't know what to say
Had to throw the world away
Cause somethings never change
I've only got myself to blame

You've got a way with words
Throw more gas onto the fire
Watch my ego burning brighter
Track Name: She's A Killer
Got more tricks then you've got sleeves
So what ya trying to hide there?
Pushing threads and pulling strings
And I don't believe that
I ain't seen no one here look as good as you do
She keeps messing with my mind
Lord she keeps me up all night

Who do you think you're foolin' little girl?
I've been around once or twice
I'm sure you're a killer
And I can't seem to find anyone to do me like you're doin'
Who do you think you're foolin' little girl?

Girl you got a way with words
Glad you're through with talkin'
Love is best when its a verb
And I'm lost for words cause
I ain't seen no one here do me like you do
She keeps messing with my head
With all the things she never said
Lord she wants to suck me dry
Think I let her get inside
Track Name: Cigarettes
We'd get high and we'd chase the night
Try and catch the first light
As the sun came in we'd start again
Try to fight the good fight
There's no cure for a bit too sure
Truth can be an eyesore
We would try and try till we just got
Live our lives upon a high wire

It's not fair
There's never time and when there is
Its never time enough
It's not right
To live our lives on borrowed time
It's never time at all
There are no safe bets we burn like cigarettes

Two wrongs couldn't make one right
Try and keep the talk light
We would play real loud just to drown you out
Never saw the stop signs
New clothes but the scars still show
Tell me where did you go?
Could have had your back when you fell off track
All you needed to was say so
Track Name: Talk Talk Talk
Come on pretty baby
What good is crying for?
You got your trouble coming
Guess when it rains it pours
I've seen your makeup running
You got so much to give
You let your guard down once
Enough to let me in

Come on pretty baby
Show me how to dance
Try them new steps out
Start a new romance
Go on pretty lady
Let me see you move
Pretend no ones around
and its just me and you

Let em talk talk talk if they want to
The whole world can wait when I'm with you
Let em talk talk talk if they want to

Come on pretty baby
We ain't got time to lose
Don't wanna mess around with
None of them other fools
Lucky we got each other
If only for tonight
We can forget our worries
Until the morning light

So let em talk about us
They ain't got what we do
This worlds a lonely place but
Not for me and you
Come on pretty baby
Lets keep them eyes in check
We'll give them drama queens
Something they won't forget

Let em talk talk talk if they want to
The whole world can wait when I'm with you
Let em talk talk talk if they want to
And we won't leave your bed until we're through
Let em talk talk talk if they want to
Track Name: Keep On Keepin On
Tear me up to tear me down
Turn me inside out
I've been a slave unto the grave
Of misery and doubt
I'm giving up on giving in
But you can't win if you can't stand losing
All your pride that's left inside of you

You gotta keep on keepin' on
You've got to stand strong
And keep on keepin' on

I fell from grace to march in place
I learned to love the bomb
What goes around don't come around
The way that it oughta
I tried to mend the life I lent
They break what they can't bend
No ones ahead of anyone in here

Got what it takes to break the chains
And pull the shades from off your eyes?
Got what it takes to shake the hand that shook the world
and look them right between the eyes?